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Free yoga practice at the height of 2 320 m

ARCHIVE 01.07.2014 — 30.09.2014

Breathtaking panoramic views of the Caucasian mountains, fresh mountain air — what could be better for yoga practice. Classes are held by appointment only.

In summer season 2014 everyone will be able to attend a free instructor-led yoga practice. Classes are held at the equipped sites at Rosa Peak viewpoint (the upper station of the Kavkazskiy Ekspress Lift, 2 320 meters above sea level) or at Rosa Plateau lift station (the upper station of “Olympia” Lift, 1170 meters above sea level).

“Yoga at the top” is for everyone who wants to know what yoga is not from a third person but try yourself. First of all, these classes are for beginners with learning the basic breathing techniques and simple asanas. Sing-in to classes is required.

At the same time practice takes place in the mountains: taking a breath of fresh mountain air our lungs clear out of smog and the effect of classes enhances many times.

Take deep breath of fresh air of the Caucasus Mountains, hold your breath and enjoy the moment. Appreciate every moment spent far away from everyday life, relax and dedicate this time to yourself. Energize with mountains!

Our instructor: Alexandra Migova 
Hatha yoga instructor, instructor of YOGA23 training system, Head of Yoga School “Zerkalo” (“Mirror”). Personal Website: www.yogamirror.org
12 years of yoga practice, including 6 years of teaching.


Class schedule:

Wed, Fri at 13:15 pm - Rosa Priyut building (2nd floor), lift up to Rosa Plateau

Sat, Sun at 11:00 pm - on the terrace of “Vysota 2320” restaurant, lift up to Rosa Peak.

Bring yoga mat with you.



Sing-in to classes is required: email us at info2@rosaski.com indicating your name, suitable date and time.



Rosa Peak — 2320 meters above sea level

Rosa Peak building at Rosa Plateau lift station — 1170 meters above sea level.

Comfortable gondola lift takes you to the places.



  • lift up to Rosa Peak — 950 rubles, to Rosa Plateau — 600 rubles
  • yoga practice — free

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