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The Olympic freestyle events include mogul skiing, aerials, ski cross, ski halfpipe, and ski slopestyle. Ski halfpipe and ski slopestyle were added to the Olympics in 2011. Both men and women participate in each type of event. A total of ten sets of medals are awarded for freestyle. Freestyle competitions take place at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park.

The mogul event is a descent down a bumpy slope. Athletes are required to perform two jumps on their way through the course. The competitors receiving the highest score for their overall performance are declared the winners. Scores are determined by judges who evaluate how well the moguls are navigated and the quality and difficulty of the jumps. Judges also add points for speed according to a special formula.

The aerials event includes a qualifying round and a final round. In each, athletes complete two special ski jumps each. The athletes with the highest combined scores from the two jumps advance to the finals. Scores from the qualifying round do not carry over to the finals. For each jump, athletes are judged on their technique for jump takeoff, jump form, and landing.

The ski cross event includes a qualifying round and a final round. In the qualifying round, athletes race individually down a course approximately 1000 meters long with turns and obstacles. The athletes with the best times are then divided into groups of four and compete to determine who advances to the next round of competition. The two top finishers continue to compete, while the losers are eliminated. Athletes reaching the final round compete for the medals.

Ski halfpipe. Athletes perform on a halfpipe slope on freestyle skis, performing various tricks — somersaults, flips, grabs, and twists. The competition format includes qualifying and final rounds, with two runs per athlete in each round. Places are determined according to the total number of points in the final.

Ski slopestyle. Athletes perform on a slope with various types of obstacles (rails, quarter-pipes, and jumps). The technical characteristics of the course are dictated by the rules of the International Ski Federation. The competition follows an elimination format, with semifinals and finals, with two runs in each round. The top finisher wins.

You can find out the exact schedule of all the competitions in all the disciplines included in the ХХII Winter Olympic Games at the Sochi 2014 website.





Ladies' Moguls Qualification 1



Ladies' Moguls Qualification 2

Ladies' Moguls Final 1

Ladies' Moguls Final 2

Ladies' Moguls Final 3


10 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Moguls Qualification 1

Men's Moguls Qualification 2

Men's Moguls Final 1

Men's Moguls Final 2

Men's Moguls Final 3


11 FEBRUARY 2014

Ladies' Ski Slopestyle Qualification

Ladies' Ski Slopestyle Final


13 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Ski Slopestyle Qualification

Men's Ski Slopestyle Final


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Ladies' Aerials Qualification 1

Ladies' Aerials Qualification 2

Ladies' Aerials Final 1

Ladies' Aerials Final 2

Ladies' Aerials Final 3


17 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Aerials Qualification 1

Men's Aerials Qualification 2

Men's Aerials Final 1

Men's Aerials Final 2

Men's Aerials Final 3


18 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Ski Halfpipe Qualification

Men's Ski Halfpipe Final


20 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Ski Cross Seeding

Men's Ski Cross 1/8 Finals

Men's Ski Cross Quarterfinals

Men's Ski Cross Semifinals

Men's Ski Cross Finals

Ladies' Ski Halfpipe Qualification

Ladies' Ski Halfpipe Final


21 FEBRUARY 2014

Ladies' Ski Cross Seeding

Ladies' Ski Cross 1/8 Finals

Ladies' Ski Cross Quarterfinals

Ladies' Ski Cross Semifinals

Ladies' Ski Cross Finals


There may be changes in the schedule, please follow the updates at Sochi 2014.

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