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ARCHIVE 09.02.2014 — 22.02.2014

Within the ХХII Winter Olympic Games the ski runs of the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center are welcoming competitions in Alpine Skiing in 10 disciplines: five among men and five among ladies. These include the downhill, slalom, giant slalom, super giant, and super combined races. Different courses are prepared for the different events. A total of ten sets of medals are awarded.

The downhill event features the longest courses and the highest speeds in alpine skiing, with athletes achieving speeds up to 120 km/h. Skiers cover the distance one at a time. The fastest skier wins the competition.

In the slalom, athletes must ski a course marked with flags and gates that are spaced much closer together than in the downhill event, giant slalom, or super giant slalom. In this competition, athletes must ski two courses, and the sum of their results makes up their total time.

In the giant slalom, the gates are placed farther apart than in the slalom, but not as far apart as in the super-G. Men’s races have 56 to 70 gates, while ladies’ have 46 to 58. The result is the sum of the skier’s times on two different courses.

The super giant (Super-G) incorporates aspects of both the downhill and the giant slalom. In the super giant, athletes achieve speeds just as high as in the downhill, but the course trajectory is similar to the course trajectory in the slalom. Athletes ski a course on which the gates are placed at about the same distance apart as in the giant slalom. Each skier gets only one attempt at the course.

The super combination incorporates aspects of both the downhill and the slalom. The downhill is sometimes replaced by the super giant.

You can find out the exact schedule of all the competitions in all the disciplines included in the ХХII Winter Olympic Games at the Sochi 2014 website.



09 February 2014

Men's Downhill


10 February 2014

Women's Super Combined Downhill

Women's Super Combined Slalom

12 FEBRUARY 2014

Women's Downhill


14 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Super Combined Downhill

Men's Super Combined Slalom


15 FEBRUARY 2014

Women's Super-G


16 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Super-G


18 FEBRUARY 2014

Women's Giant Slalom Run 1

Women's Giant Slalom Run 2


19 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Giant Slalom Run 1

Men's Giant Slalom Run 2


21 FEBRUARY 2014

Women's Slalom Run 1

Women's Slalom Run 2


22 FEBRUARY 2014

Men's Slalom Run 1

Men's Slalom Run 2


There may be changes in the schedule, please follow the updates at Sochi 2014.

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