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Rosa Khutor ski resort successfully conducts tests of a unique for Russia avalanche control system “Avalancheur”


On the 26th of April “Rosa Khutor” resort performed successful testing of avalanche control system “Avalancheur”, which is the only one existing in Russia. In the near future two of such installations will be providing avalanche safety for the skiers of the Olympic slopes in Krasnaya Polyana.



Photo: www.sovsport.ru

The mobile installations Avalancheur (named «Snow Arrow» in Russian) are developed by the French company «Etienne Lacroix Tous Artifices SA» and are rightfully considered to be one of the most advanced technologies in the world in the sphere of avalanche control. It is extremely important that their use does not have any negative impact on the environment.  Avalancheur is actually a huge air gun, which shoots a big arrow into the air by the means of nitrogen compressed to 50 atmospheres. The filler of the arrow, released from the installation, explodes above the surface of the snow. The explosion causes motion in the most dangerous upper layers of the snow cover, while deeper layers of snow, ground and rocks are not scattered around leaving nor marks or craters. Another important advantage of the French technology is that after the explosion only environmentally safe soot residue is left, and if the arrow does not explode the shell becomes absolutely clean within 48 hours.

Avalancheur has perfectly proved itself since the 1950s in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Rosa Khutor resort is the first to install avalanche control installations of this type in Russia. Rosa Khutor ski resort purchased two mobile installations in addition to 34 already existent and operating Gazex complexes at the resort, which are used to perform active avalanche control on the snow cover. 

The results of the testing of the avalanche control system at Rosa Khutor resort, conducted in accordance with the program of the Federal agencies Rostechnadzor and Roshydromet, have shown that «Etienne Lacroix Tous Artifices SA» technology and equipment are effective, environmentally friendly and safe. It is expected that in the near future “Snow Arrow” will be allowed for use at all Alpine ski resorts of Russia, industrial enterprises and transportation systems – anywhere where avalanche control is needed.

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