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Rosa Khutor resort will bear the implementation of innovative media-pavilion project


The Rosa Valley will feature a media pavilion which will be manufactured using the most advanced engineering technologies, robotechnics, information technologies and design.

The shape of the pavilion is inspired by the natural beauty of the flower of Rosa сanina – a plant with a pentagonal symmetry and a double curvature of the petals’ surfaces. These properties were creatively reinterpreted by the German architect Dimitry Demin, who managed to combine the beauty of nature with the latest trends in contemporary art, architecture and engineering aesthetics. The pavilion will be made ​​of superfine steel by RoboFold industrial robots using unique software. The guests of the resort who will visit the pavilion, will be provided not only with weather protection but also with wireless Internet access. Also visitors of the pavilion will be able to watch videos, information and sports broadcasts projected to the inner surface of the pavilion walls by the means of the multimedia center integrated into one of the columns.

Innovative media-pavilion in the shape of the Olympic rose.

Architect Dimitry Demin, Germany. Dimitry is a certified architect-engineer, writer and film producer, who studied in the universities of Russia, Germany and Switzerland, now working for Gartner Steel and Glass GmbH (Permasteelisa Group) as a chief specialist of parametric design of facades for the world’s leading architectural firms such as Foster + Partners, Zaha Hadid, Coop Himmelb (l) au. His scientific and practical activities are aimed at the integration of aesthetics and high-precision technology through the application of computing technologies. In collaboration with mathematicians, engineers, biologists, programmers, materials experts, economists and archaeologists he conducts research aimed at interdisciplinary integration of aesthetics and time.

Dimitri Demin is a member of many organizations involved in the formation of modern design trends, as well as the creator of rhino-in (international consulting company of parametric design) and algitecture (International educational organization for application of algorithms in design and construction).

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