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Safety on the slopes is one of Rosa Khutor’s top priorities:

We work to guarantee safety around the clock. The duties of our highly trained professionals include weather forecasts, up-to-the minute analysis, preventive measures, first aid and rescue. But education is also important, because in the mountains, everyone must know and observe the rules of safety in order to enjoy their time at the resort. 

Trail grooming


The resort staff prepares the trails at night, and the Ski Patrol inspects them early in the morning before opening. Monitors at lift stations display up-to-the-minute information about the opening and closing of trails (or parts of them). 


Every night the resort's staff performs snow grooming works on the slopes on special machines — the snowcats. Signs and nets are put in place- Each morning before opening the Ski patrol inspects the trails. All the information about opening and closure of trails (or parts of them) is broadcast on the boards placed at the lift stations, and directly to the resort's website. 


Real time weather information and forecast


Information is the key to safety on the slopes. Reports on current weather conditions, avalanche risk outside the prepared trails, the snow cover, and forecasts for the following days are available for the three heights of the Rosa Khutor ski zone in real time on the resort’s website, mobile application and on screens at lift stations.


The resort’s ten own weather stations conduct non-stop monitoring of weather conditions and avalanche risks on the mountain slopes. The current report and forecasts are broadcast live via the information center to all staff and guests of the resort.


Rescue and aid


Rescue workers of the Rosa Khutorski patrol are always on hand to provide first aid and transport the injured or bring doctors to the site of the accident. The telephone number of the Rosa Khutor rescue service is:+7 (862) 24 08 911

The Rosa Khutor ski patrol is the only ski-resort rescue service in Russia certified by the Russian Emergency Ministry as a professional emergency rescue team.


Avalanche safety


The Rosa Khutor resort has its own anti-avalanche service, with a staff of thirteen engineers and technicians who are first-class skiers and freeriders. The service works to prevent snowslides on the trails of the resort and provides information about off-trail avalanche risks. The team works around the clock. Its activities include:

  • Forecasting avalanche risks: The service analyzes data on air temperature, wind speed and direction, and, most importantly, the condition of the snow cover: its depth, temperature, density, quantity and quality of freshly fallen snow.

  • Avalanche prevention on the monitored area using preventive measures: Gazex remote avalanche control and the Avalancheur Snow Arrow system. Rosa Khutor has 43 Gazex cannons. After implementing preventive measures, our staff studies the terrain and diagnoses the stability of the snow cover.

  • Engineering protection of trails and lifts: The resort has three anti-avalanche dams, avalanche breakers, defensive stays on lift lines, and special snow retention networks in the zones where avalanches begin. 


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Kids' Club

Learn to ski or snowboard with professional instructors at a special children’s slope with the Magic Carpet lift.

Ski zones

A variety of zones and styles of skiing: freeride, freestyle, and on-trail skiing




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