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Rosa Khutor is a mountain resort ideal for summer sporting activities

On a tour around the resort, visitors can see the remarkable landscape of the Sochi National Park, the blossoming rhododendrons on the promontory cliffs, Alpine meadows, mountain ravines where there is snow even in summer, and the Black Sea, whose bright gleam of blue is visible from a height of 2,320 meters—the highest scenic viewpoint in Sochi.



There is no need to choose between mountains and sea for the guests of Rosa Khutor. You get to the beach by free shuttle bus that runs between the resort and the Imereti Bay several times a day. The bus departs from the resort at 09:00 and 14:00, from the beach at 13:00 and 18:00. The beach is free for resort guests staying in hotels in Rosa Khutor. It offers beach towels, sun beds, changing room, indoor pool and children's playground. The beach is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00, from 15 June till 30 September.

Beach is situated near Olympic stadium 

You can also get to the beach by rapid train Lastochka


Rent the comfortable PEUGEOT bicycles for riding around the lower station of Rosa Khutor resort, enjoying the beauty of the alpine city built in Rosa Valley. The resort is surrounded by many interesting places to visit: the captive complex of the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve named after H.G. Shaposhnikov, Ethnographic Park My Russia and others. Bicycles are available at the rental shop located in the Mzymta Dvor building. 

Bike tours along Rosa Valley on the comfortable PEUGEOT bicycles

Bike tours along Rosa Valley on the comfortable PEUGEOT bicycles



Resort visitors will be offered a self-guided hikes or with a guide along several routes of different lengths through the Alpine meadows on the slopes of Rosa Khutor. The resort guests will be offered a choice of 6 routes. On a tour along the prescribed routes, you can lift up to the highest viewpoint in Sochi – the Kamennyy Stolb peak, to experience the virgin mountain nature, to enjoy the blossoming rhododendrons on the promontory cliffs, Alpine meadows, mountain ravines covered with snow even in hot summer. Perhaps, you will find another route ran along the scenic rocky mountain areas, walking through which you can meet wild animals: foxes, rabbits and squirrels. It’s your choice!

Alpine meadows on the slopes Rosa Khutor

Breathtaking mountain routes


Rosa beach — is a recreation zone at the resort, offering guests two swimming pools with clean mountain water — for children and adults, sun beds with umbrellas, changing rooms and showers. The beach complex includes a cafe, a children's area with a variety of slides, swings and mega-sandbox with an area of 120 square meters.

 Rosa beach — is a recreation zone at the resort

 The beach complex includes a cafe, a children's area with a variety of slides


At Rosa Peak viewpoint on fridays everyone can attend a free instructor-led yoga practice. Breathtaking panoramic views of the Caucasian mountains, fresh mountain air — what could be better for yoga practice. Energize with mountains! In case of bad weather yoga practice can be moved to Golden Tulip hotel's gym.



Yoga at Rosa Plateau (1 170 meters above sea level)



At Rosa Valley (560 meters above sea level) and at the Rosa Plateau lift station (1 170 m above sea level) sports playgrounds are available for everyone. You can play volleyball, table tennis, air hockey, badminton, mini football and streetball.  At the guests’ disposal: trampoline and indoboard – an original balance training device. Sports equipment is provided free of charge.

Free sports equipment

Sports playgrounds for the whole family



The main novelty of the summer season — rafting at Rosa Khutor resort! Everyone can go on a little trip on a mountain river Mzymta! Our itineraries will appeal to  children and adults both. The participants raft down the river on a comfortable bench catamarans under the guidance of experienced instructors. Visitors will be able to actively participate in overcoming water obstacles, or just to enjoy the beautiful views and catching a refreshing sprays during the passage of the rapids. More about rafting at Rosa Khutor you can get by phone: 8-928-840-21-22

Rafting at Rosa Khutor

There are several routes of different dificulty



All guests ascended to the height of 2320 meters (Rosa Peak), will have the opportunity of horseback riding along the Aibga ridge. On horseback resort guests can ride through the picturesque slopes at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. The cost of horseback riding is from 400 rubles per person, tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the resort. More detail – at the information centers of Rosa Khutor or by tel. 8800 5000 555.  

Horseback riding along the Aibga ridge

Panoramic view of the Caucasian mountains from Rosa Peak — 2 320 meters above sea level



For guests of the resort at an altitude of 1350 metres above sea works adventure park — PandaPark. Some routes of the park located at a height of nine-flour block of flates The names proposed for passing routes speak for themselves — «Panda Pro», «Bold Panda», «Express Liana». Each route is interesting in its own way. So, on the «Brave Panda» you have to show maximum concentration, overcoming suspended platform at a height of 10 meters, and on the route «Panda Pro» can get a good workout in holding the balance, turning the swinging logs.

Each route is interesting in its own way

Park is situated at an attitude of 1350 metres


A wealth of opportunities for hosting and organizing events in five contemporary hotels from 3 to 5 stars


Italian, Bavarian, or traditional local cuisine? A high altitude restaurant or a cozy terrace by the river? It’s up to you!

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750 000 guests visited Rosa Khutor resort during summer season-2015

Visit Russia and Rosa Khutor announced the beginning of cooperation

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